SCCG produces a variety of annual reports and also has annual services featuring quarterly reports.  SCCG reports typically offer perspective on a global basis including the Americas, Europe, Japan, and Asian Pacific regions.  SCCG reports feature detailed coverage of competitors, channels, and trends.

Santa Clara Consulting Group (SCCG) is the leading market research source for information relating to removable data storage products. The company has evolved from reporting about magnetic media in the 1980s, to optical media in the 1990s, and then to solid state storage in the 2000s.  In addition, SCCG has expertise in computer consumables and portable power and has produced reports in these areas.  The company has also been involved in related markets, such as software duplication, computer supplies distribution, and other complementary businesses.

Recently the company added physical security products and smart energy products to the areas in which it provides industry reports.

Currently, SCCG has three data storage segments it supports with market intelligence: Back-up Tape, Optical Storage, and USB Flash Drives.

SCCG’s  Back-up Tape Tracker reports provide analysis on entry-level to enterprise back-up tape technologies including DLT-V, DLT-s, LT-O cartridges, DAT/DDS, QIC, 8 mm, and 1/4".  Back-up Tape Tracker is a quarterly report, and Back-up Tape Technology: Global Review is an annual publication.

The Optical Storage reports follow the markets for CD, DVD, and Blu-ray technologies with the CD Tracker, DVD Tracker, and the BD Tracker reports.

The USB Flash Tracker follows the USB flash drive and component markets.

In 2006, SCCG started coverage of the physical security market.  The company published a report titled Technology Convergence, Trends for the Physical Security Industry.  This report reviews the state of the video surveillance market relative to emerging IP camera technology, including interviews with over 100 companies involved in products supporting this industry (camera, video management software, access control) and distributing this product (distributors and integrators). 
SCCG also issued a report covering the emerging IP camera market, called the Security Camera Tracker.

David Bunzel, Managing Director,

is the founder of Santa Clara Consulting Group (SCCG), a market research and consulting firm. Considered one of the leading analysts in the data storage field, David has spoken regularly at industry and management conferences. He has been widely referenced in publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, New York Times, Computerworld, Electronic Business, and regional and industry publications. In addition, David has been a guest-lecturer at some of the leading business schools in the country including, University California-Berkeley; Stanford University; University of Wisconsin; and Santa Clara University.

David manages two industry trade associations:

Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA),
Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA),

Prior to his involvement with SCCG, David held a variety of marketing and international sales positions with CompuVision, FMC Corporation, and Hormel Foods Corporation. David graduated with a bachelor’s degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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Joel Tax, Senior Analyst,

has been with Santa Clara Consulting Group since 1991. He has produced reports on the spectrum of data media products and currently heads the magnetic media practice. His areas of interest also include portable power products and recycling IT equipment. Prior to his association with SCCG, Joel was Principal Analyst with Dunfield Research and an analyst with Evans Research. Joel has lectured at York and Trent Universities. He holds degrees from the University of Manitoba and York University.

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